Playing with Yachtzee

Yachtzee is a type of board game wherein the main goal is to get the highest possible number from the combinations of five dice. At most, a player can roll the dice three times. After this, he must choose a slot based from the combination he rolled. Take note that the pointing system is heavily dependent on the combinations made. When the gamer failed to meet the requirement needed for the combinations he picked, he will get no point for that slot; You will know that the game is over when all slots are already filled.

When playing Yachtzee virtually, all the gamer has to do is to press the roll button to make the dice roll. You can choose the dice to be rolled by checking or leaving the box beneath the logo empty. When his three rolls are done, he will choose the combination he wanted to be rewarded for. In choosing the slot, you press the button with the combination you prefer and roll again the dice.

Be minded that there are two section in the play. The first is the upper section wherein the score is determined by adding up all the dice that correspond with the slot number. While in the case of the lower section, the rule of scoring is different. The slots go with different rulings and these are:

  • When the slot is "three of a kind" the points will be the sum of the dice on the field/
  • When "four of a kind" the pointing system is as same as the "three of a kind".
  • If it is a "full house", meaning three dice has the same number and the other two is a pair, the points will be 25.
  • When it is a "small straight" with 4 or more consecutive numerical order, the points will be 30.
  • If it is a "large straight" with all five dice in consecutive order, the points will be 40.
  • If it is "Yachtzee" with all dice having the same number, the score is 50.
  • When it is a combination of anything, the points will be the sum of all dice.
  • Somehow, playing this game can be full of chance, but the try is worth since once you hit one of the high scored combinations, you can get credits together with the bragging rights that you hit these combinations.