How to Win at Risk

Risk is generally a war game genre game that entails the classic board. For one to win big and emerge victorious here are some ways that would help in the process.

Having the knowledge on the rules is the initial step. This involves understanding and having a clue and uniqueness that all players including you are playing the same game. Secondly one should be well familiar with the Australian terrain where almost all action takes place. This provides continent bonus with other areas of play the South America also providing a good scene.

The next tip involves army positioning. Taking control of the continent calls for providing adequate security on the boarders other than the inside part of the territory. One is advised also not to take the initiative of taking control of the whole continent. This is due to the fact that full continent control makes one vulnerable to attacks from other gamers. Do this only when one has adequate army to suppress these attacks.

Next up, the player should not give room for other gamers to take control of other continents since this seemingly is the acceptance of defeat. This does not mean that one should expose himself and become weak. It also wise to make an attack composed of a large group of soldiers. In a series of mission card gaming, it is advisable to try and conquer the entire continent. With a large army at disposal, attacking and conquest becomes easy.

In this board game, in every act of winning surprise attack is very vital. A player is advised to hind all his objectives and surprise an attack. If your enemies have access to your plans, then your missions are compromised.

For an increased redemption card mode of play, a player should stick to his cards for the longest time possible. It is also vital if one possesses the wild cards throughout. For one to defense well, rolling many dices must be present in case of nation defending.

This game is a one man game. Formation of pacts is very limited and lasts for a short spell. Always keep your objectives hidden to avoid being surprised and attacked once the enemies have access to your goals during play.