Playing with Parcheesi

Parcheesi is adapted from an Indian game called Cross and Circle Pachisi that started in 500 AD. The board game is considered to be royal because in the earliest year, only monarchs in India are allowed to play. Now, it popular across America, Spain, Colombia and United Kingdom. It is played by having two dice and the objective of the play is to move the piece of the opponent to the center space. In the mainstream, Parcheesi boards has seventy-two spaces around the boards and twelve of which are spaces wherein the piece can not be captured. The winner of the game will be determined by the first player who gather all the same color pieces in its respective base.

Each of the players should get four pieces of markers with the same color and put them in their respective home base. The board game where the players duel must be positioned properly so that the nest of each player is on his right side. The movement of the pieces should be counter clockwise to avoid confusion with the flow.

After getting the pieces and positioning the board, a player will roll a die and the one who gets the higher number goes first. For every turn, the player will throw one or two dice and use the value showed to move the piece around. If the number on the dice can not be moved, the value will be forfeited. When rolling two dice, the gamer should only choose a single value. He can not choose both.

Five is an important digit in the game since when a gamer gets five in a die or a total of five in the dice, he can make a piece enter, making his possibilities of winning higher. In terms of capturing there are spaces wherein captures are not allowed, but once a pawn passed through the block of an opponent's pawn and it is not under the safe square, the player will get 20 points and the opponent will lose his pawn. Parcheesi is not a passive game since there are times when you can block. For example, if two pieces are occupying a same square, they may stop any pieces from advancing. Be minded that the two pawns that created blockage can not move together to create another block.

Lastly, be minded that the center home can be only entered if the throw of the dice is exact with the number of spaces needed to enter the center. And when he is able to enter the middle with exact count, he will receive ten movement points.