Monopoly, One Of The New Jersey Board Games Everyone Knows Of!

One of the most successful board games New Jersey and the whole world for that matter has ever seen is Monopoly, a game based around the properties of Atlantic City. The original game actually dates back to 1903 and surprisingly was originally conceived to educate in the evils of land ownership, surprise, surprise!

In 1935 Parker Brothers popularised this game by introducing board games, New Jersey would now take center stage and their Boardwalk would now be known around the world, with this new great game.

With games nowadays having taken on a whole new format with the likes of the Sony Playstation and the Xbox, it's hard to imagine times gone by when board games captured the imagination in such a way, entertaining several family members gathered round a table for hours.

It does have to be said the original concept of being a bit cut throat still managed to exist, after all the idea to win was at the demise of all the other players as they dropped out of the game one by one, once all their money ran out.

None the less, it could be argued whilst being played that players were learning the perils of being foolish, spending their money on small acquisitions. The jewel of the crown was Boardwalk and once a player owned hotels on this board space, winning the game was a virtual certainty!

The game which is now produced by Hasbro, truly embraces all the principles of capitalism. Being such a contentious game, it's fascinating to watch the true personalities of the players rise to the surface, when they have to cough up massive rent once landing on some of the more expensive properties.

Who isn't going to feel hard done by if they've run out of cash? Still it's just a game, there's always next time. Every dog has its day with Monopoly!