Ditch the Digital and Try Board Games for Adults

When you're hosting a party, video games aren't always the best entertainment. However, there are several board games for adults than leave your guests guessing, laughing, and ready to talk about your event for some time to come.

Taboo is a favorite and one that is always a great deal of fun. The idea is to describe a word or a phrase to his or her teammates without using any of the words or phrases that are present on the card. The idea is simple, but the actual activity can be quite difficult. It's okay for children in terms of content, but the level of intelligence and ingenuity needed to actually get your teammates to guess correctly is best suited for adults.

Battle of the Sexes is a great board game for adults when couples are involved as it allows groups to determine whether men or women are the smarter of the two. You move the piece from one end of the board to the other, all the while answering questions about the opposite sex to see who understands who the best.

Rockstar Rehab is definitely for adults only. The goal is to roll the dice to learn aspects of your life as a rock star - even with the bad decisions they often make. You can go to exclusive clubs, attend parties at the homes of VIPs, and even end up in jail. Make sure the kids are in bed before you get this one out.

Finally, What? - The Girls' Night Edition is one of a few board games for adults that is just for the ladies. In it, you'll answer questions in a truth-or-dare style manner all the while fooling your friends as best as you can so they guess incorrectly.